Expres Menu ready-made dishes

For a family company from Trutnov, bellow the Krkonoše, we have proposed the new design of the whole portfolio of their products. The firm produces ready-made dishes preserved by patented CTP method. All dishes are gluten-free, without food colouring and preservatives, made of fresh natural ingredients.

First, we modified and simplified the Expres Menu logo. Then, we suggested a colourful coding of simple product lines. Each line has a universal packet with colourfully coded upper part and a general-purpose text on the back side. For each dish a label with its photo and all compulsory info is used.

Compared to the earlier designs, at present the emphasis is put on the photo of the dish, distinctive colourful coding and clear icon-based presentation of benefits.

New design

Original design

Another line which the new design has been used for is Komplet Menu. It is a complete one-portion meal with side dish in a box. Inside the box the Meal is divided into two bags suitable for heating in the microwave oven. The firm structure of the box and the quality printing with colourless varnish make the product more attractive in the shop.

The portfolio of the products has been extended by a protein line aimed at those who watch the content of fat and protein in meals. For this line there was used the entirely different design of the label emphasizing the content of protein and fat. The graphic design counts on the sale of this product among the others for fitness.

Apart from the usual transport cardboard, promo stands and other supporting materials, a gift box that includes a complete three-course lunch for two, was made. Our client wanted to present traditional Krkonoše dishes prepared in cooperation with the chef of the Horizont Hotel in Pec pod Sněžkou. Part of the design is a board game with the motives of the Krkonoše mountains. The accessory of the box is a set of wooden game counters produced in the region.