Sætre FiberRik

Sætre is a traditional Norwegian producer of biscuits. The company was established in 1883 and nowadays belongs to the Orkla group. We were very pleased to be asked to make a redesign of its product FiberRik. The aim was to rearrange colour coding, to move the product up to the higher category and to clear completely the design. The requirement was to minimise costs without changing the die cut. At last there was also managed to use even the original product photo where we rearranged the composition and retouched it over.

Original design

New design

There is accentuated the benefit of the product
and with the use of partial varnish there has been raised
the attractiveness of the package.
Now the design is pure and single elements are more visible.

Sætre FiberRik. Traditional product full of quality cereals!