Seagarden is a Norwegian producer specialising on ingredients from fish. They are used in food, nutrition for sportsmen, food supplements, cosmetics and medicines. Wild fish especially Atlantic cod is caught in cold and clean water of the North Atlantic. All this and careful processing can guarantee quality end product.
In 2016 we were approached by our client to co-operate on a complete change of branding and redesign of existing products. The main orientation of the company was to supply ingredients for final processing to other producers. At that time Seagarden had only one product with its brand name for the retail market – “Fiskepulver“ – pure fish powder.
Our task was to make brand name Seagarden stronger and to concentrate more on the portfolio of products with Seagarden brand name and to make the design more modern.

Our work on the brand name started with the logo adjustment. For the logo to be well readable we rearranged the font and created a new symbol in the shape of the cod. The cod is one of the main feedstock for Seagarden products. The look of logo before the change (on the left) and after (on the right).

For packaging designs we completely strengthened the location of Seagarden brand name on the package. The main art style element is the aquarelle evoking the ocean. We also recommended the change of material of the plastic container.

The whole product portfolio in the new design for Norwegian market.

The design of the products for export was slightly changed. Besides English texts there was the name of the product highlighted because of better readability and the Norwegian flag was enlarged to emphasise the country of origin.

Company documents use the watercolour painting as the accessory and identifying element. For the use on promotional and company things the logo was completed with slogans. For B2B segment it is “North Atlantic Nutrients“ and for B2C segment there was chosen the wordplay “Frisk som fisk“. Besides the printed materials we are preparing materials for the use on websites or Facebook.

With Seagarden we are also cooperating on other product lines sold under different brand names: Seagarden premium collagens, Nu3pure.